Office Hours

Monday 4:00- 7:15
Tuesday 3:45-7:15 
Wednesday 3:45-7:15
Thursday   4:00- 5:45
If you need to make payments, please come during these times.  If your dancer dances later in the evening, please make payments prior to your class time.   Thanks

If you use a Credit Card or Debit Card for any payment, there will be a 3.6% fee added.


 Monthly tuition is due the 1st week/or your first class of every month.

inMotion tuition is 9 payments September-May. There is 36 weeks in a season. Which includes dress rehearsal and shows.

If not paid by the 5th of the month a $15.00 late fee will be added onto the student’s account.  

*$20 fee for returned checks

Enroll in Bank Pay!! Have tuition sent to 1618 S 12th Ave E Newton, Iowa 50208 -No Hassles! No Worries! Always on Time!



All families are required to help with one event at inMotion between September and May. Volunteers are an essential part of making everything run smoothly at inMotion.

For example:

decorating the stage, parent helpers during the recitals, unloading the truck for the fund raiser. Sign up sheets will be at registration with exact times, days, and events. If you choose not to volunteer a $40.00 fee will be due by March 3, 2022 This money will be used to help pay for the recitals.


Fund Raising

The Fall/Spring fund raiser is used to raise money for lessons, recital fee, costumes and merchandise. All fund money needs to be used during the dance season, September through May. The packets will be handed out during fall registration. No cash back or refunds given.


Snow Days

inMotion follows the Newton school system. If school has been canceled all classes at inMotion are canceled. However, if road conditions become safe or allow for travel by 2:00 p.m., we reserve the right to hold classes. Please check web page and the answering machine to confirm classes before departing. Cancellation will be placed on voicemail and announced through the Newton radio station FM 95.9. Each class is allowed 1 cancellation without make-up.  If more than one should occur, a make-up class will be scheduled or a credit will be given to the student’s account.


Class Cancellation

If inMotion cancels a class due to low enrollment a replacement class will try to be found. If not, a full refund will be given. Dropping a class (by the parent) If a student has taken 1 class in a month and decides to drop a partial refund will be given. If 2 or more classes in a month were taken NO refund will be given. Registration fee is nonrefundable.

Dress Code

Proper attire must be worn to all classes. For example, Leotard, tank top, booty shorts, tights, skirt or leggings. If you dress like a dancer, you will feel like a dancer, move like a dancer, and become a dancer. This goes for all classes including tumbling, and cheerleading.

* The correct shoes must be worn in class by the 2nd week of lessons.

* Ballet - pink ballet shoes, no strings.

* Tap - Ages 3-5: basic tan tap shoe; Ages 6-8: Mary Jane tan tap shoe; Ages 9 & up any style of tan jazz-tap shoe

* Jazz- tan slip-on jazz shoe

* Hip Hop– black low top converse

* Tumbling - barefoot

* Lyrical/Modern - barefoot, foot undies or turners.

* Cheerleading - white cheer shoes.